Transporting valuable goods used to be a responsible and difficult task for travelling salespeople in the past. Especially in the Black Forest between Pforzheim and Basel, there were numerous narrow trails and challenging passages over mountains and through valleys that could only be negotiated on foot and with great effort. But the region’s inhabitants have always been deft and practical, and so they developed special pack frames to transport all kinds of goods such as glassblowing art, cuckoo clocks and carvings. These pack frames effectively protected the merchandise and could also be used for the presentation and exhibition of goods in markets and exchanges.

With the rise of mobility, salespeople were soon able to travel faster and more safely. A new demand for protective and representative packaging for valuable products soon developed. This demand prompted the Black Forest craftsman Karl Faisst nearly 50 years ago to launch the development and production of professional transport cases.

And so in 1963, the first Faisst case left the new workshop built in the small town of Altensteig in the northern Black Forest, beginning its conquest of Germany and neighbouring countries such as Austria and Switzerland. This spirit of innovation remains alive and well at Faisst to this day. Even though a modern train of machines supports the fabrication of our premium cases, our people are still the ones who develop and build every case to meet the individual requirements of the goods being transported.


Founding of the company Karl Faisst, Fabrik für Spezialkoffer, in Altensteig-Spielberg, the hometown of Karl Faisst.


The first phase of construction is completed in Altensteig-Spielberg.


Expansion of the existing production facility as the company begins to grow.


Faisst attends the Interzum trade fair in Cologne as an exhibitor for the first time.


At the Hanover trade fair, Faisst presents special cases at an international trade fair for the first time.


Development and presentation of the first aluminium case by Faisst.


The next phase of construction – expansion of the production facilities and a new administrative building.


Following his education and military service, the son Thomas Faisst joins the company.


Following his education and military service, the son Michael Faisst joins the company.


New construction of a warehouse and founding of Faisst GmbH, Fabrik für Spezialkoffer. Karl Faisst, Thomas Faisst and Michael Faisst hold equal shares as managers and shareholders.


The existing production facilities are expanded again as demand continues to increase. Company founder Karl Faisst is awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.


As Karl Faisst enters his well deserved retirement, Michael and Thomas Faisst manage the company on their own.


The company relocates to Birkenfeld for a fresh start as a member of the Kling Group.


Faisst celebrates its 50-year company anniversary.


Faisst celebrates its 55-year company anniversary.